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Wenyard Nasgo Compensation Plan Product Packs
Our vision is to create financial security for the type of entrepreneurs who can see an opportunity and take it. Wenyard is the Internet, network marketing, gaming and investments in perfect harmony. Nasgo is the virtual platform of investments, high quality software created as an App which allows you to play from your PC, tablet or smartphone. Nasgo offers a secure environment and maximum confidence to users. Play the stock market now! Global Spill in a single line, plus an excellent binary system. Very generous bonuses, promotions and a real-time platform. Earnings above 3000 Euros per week paid as WFO’s. The result is an unparalleled online experience. There are 3 packs for an affiliate of Wenyard and payment is made only once. BROKER with 95 euros of investment, Pack PRO BROKER 295 euros and finally EXECUTIVE BROKER 795 euros. Take advantage of these offers now during pre-release!



NASGO is a game of skill, designed with new features that will take the concept of Stock Market Games to unprecedented heights. NASGO creates a virtual world where real world, real time input affects the virtual actions.

Although Nasgo and the companies listed on NASGO are products of the virtual world, the elements driving the game are a fantastic blend of real events and fiction.

Every company will report to the stock market about their activities and plans. At the same time, the stock price on the virtual stock market will be affected by real world events. The players who will understand these events and how they may affect the game will have an opportunity to optimize their winnings or cut their losses.

NASGO is truly unique because of the multiple factors bringing liquidity to the stock market. Liquidity is the single most important factor in any market places for prices to increase.

The synergy between the Wenyard networking program with its real time bonus system and the way this is linked to the NASGO stock market game creates instant liquidity as part of the bonus is paid to a Mandatory Account where fund must be used in the game.


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